The B5 Community - The Financial Government Of The Kingdom Of God's Elected People

Now as The Holy God is holy, so connect he not with that which is not, as The Holy God is perfect, so connect he not with that which is not. Therefore, those things that are not holy and perfect has fell short of the presence of God. Now as those things are not in God's presence, neither can those who are in the presence of God be in the presence of the things that are not in the presence of God, for that is not possible.

Now as he has made all things but refuse those things that violated him and violated his will, so is the presence of God not in the governments of the world. For this the body of Christ is the holy Lamb Of God which is without spots or wrinkles and cannot possibly conform with the world of sin and defile. For the body of the living cannot be governed over by the body of the dead, and darkness cannot govern over light, else light become darkness, and that darkness that light has become is the body of Christ that became the Antichrist. For only that which is first Christ's can become the Antichrist.

For that thing that is outside the body have not the opportunity to destroy the body but that which is inside the body. The spirit of the Antichrist comes not from the world but the church, for inside the church is where the devil had targeted to setup his kingdom. For this the church is what was spoken of the Book Of Revelation as the whore who accepts every standard and say that God is love. For she has accepted the compromise spirit, and the compromised spirit brings in the familiar spirit to act and falsley mimmick the Holy Spirit, to serve and worship the god of mammons. Therefore, the Lord God Almighty has not been accepting the worhip of the church for hundreds of years, as such the church is powerless, and because they had not seen the evidence of God's presence there, the church no longer believe in God. Now as bullets have a straight trogectory that the must follow, so worship must land somwhere, if these worshipped were aimed towards God then he would have recieved them, but because idolatry gets in the way along with the the object of money, those darker objectives collected the worship.

As he had said "behold I stood at the door and knock. If anyone will hear my voice, I will come in and sip with him and he with me". The fact that Christ had to stand at the door and knock to get in his own church is the evidence that he is not in it.

Therefore, in this realm we have now established the Body of Christ, which is The Church, which is the Kingdom Of God on Earth. Thiins is the government of the people of God, and His Elect.
This government shall cover all matters relating to the life of the believers and them that are already washed in The Blood Of The Lamb, who shall take not the mark of the beast nor the seal of the Antichrist, but shall be sealed by The Holy Spirit.

In This the Lord Our God, who is ruler over heaven and earth, and who holds the keys of death and hell, to save the souls of man, require now that his people must forfit the governments of the world and cleave to this the new government of The Kingdom Of God. For this from the beginning was ordained, that we should come here in this time and establish the constitution of the government based on The Word Of God, and shall keep all things clean before God.

Here the terms of the salvation of a man shall be upgraded to make it meaningful for the salvation they must recieve, which is that which is of eternal life unto God. Unlike the church as men have known it to be, the standards here are higher. For in repentance , repentance shall be a process, and the process is not lenient, for a man must truly repentant, and disconnect himself from his errors completely. He cannot have anything in his possession that his sins brought him, nor can he be even remotely connected to the wrongs he did in the past, and that which he stole from others must be given back. For no man can repent of a thing but still benefit from the sins he had commited, these tersm of repentance are not acceptable in the Kingdom Of God, though they may be elsewhere.

Here a marriage is between a man and a woman and is done once and there is no divorce. Therefore, premarital exercises are done. For God test all things, this is why he make no mistakes. All spirits must be tried, not judged but tried.

Now as we are tedious in marriage to test all things, so are we tedious in business to test all things. Therefore, we do not dive into any matter to invest heavily in any business before we know for sure that this thing is viable. For the B5 Community does not make errors. The process by which we shall approace all business ventures shall be written here in The B5 Community

Voting We do not vote for any politician in the world, except we elect a member and send them on a mission into the world's government. In that way there are certain guidelines and precautionary measure. This is because our member will be placed in danger, for we are sending them into the house of devils. The government of the world is not godly nor righteous and cannot be holy. Nothing the do is consistent with God's law, therefore, they are operating lawlessly. For when God said "thou shalt not kill, the place a general to override the will of God. They voilated even the very law and sanctity of marriage, and built idols of dead heros who have commited skilful murders in the sight of God.

Therefore, when the servants of God become a part of the world politics, the are workers for the world and not the kingdom of God. Therefore, because they work for the devil, their loyalty is to that world kingdom and not the kingdom of God. Therefore, a politician cannot be trusted, neither shall any servant of God become one, except for the terms we shall lay down, and the strict conditions there of.

Satan have a keen best interest in defeating the church, but because the church - up until now - has been in the world and controled by the kingom of the world, that defeat have not been a challenge. Therefore, there will come a time after The Kingdom Of God shall be established that Satan shall seek to pursue God's people, but fear not, for God shall be with you. These words I write to guide you, less any man shall fear in these days. The devil shall seek to pursue The Children Of God on the object of obedience, to say to you that yeh must subject yourself on the matter of what is safe for all from the thing that the created. Then to immune a man from that which gives a man the cause to be immuned from. The inevitability that he shall create will be as such that it will force the weak to surrender. That is those who has already surrender to the laws of that obedience. Many of the church according to the world system shall take this symbol in whatever form.

For the body given to a man is the temple where the holy spirit dwell. Therefore, this is the house that a man shall not adorn with inks and marks and piercings, for this is a Satanic thing. Therefore, when the approach the servants of God, it is to sell them into this subjective spirit.

For a man cannot decieve except he is set to teach. Now when that teacher is decieved he teacheth deception. Then he become more advance in the deception that he teach and become more qualified in his decptions. This is the subjected spirit that subject them that are subjecters to subject. Therefore, when the servants of God subject themselves to those whom they aught to teach, the fell under the subjective spirit, thus the house of God is subjected to demons, and life is given to the dead through the annointing granted by the living, and the kingdom of darkness is given power to rule and bring caos to the world that is in the church and the church that is in the world.

At this place your understanding may begin and the beginning of prophecy. That now I advize that you lay down the understanding that you have about the prophecies of the end of time, and listen to learn. For when you look for a time and and sequences by which things is to happen, that was your first deception. For "That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past." (Ecclesiastes 3:15). Furthermore, it is not given to man to understand the meaning and the measure of days and years and time. For in the book of Jubilee it was written that Adam lived 969 years, and a thousand years is a day in the sight of God. Therefore, it was fulfilled as the Lord had told Adam that on the day

Now let The Elect Of God separate ourselves from the elements that the demons of Darkness - that is the Antichrist - have initiated. This we do so that our souls may not be lost because of lawlessness. For he that touch those things that are of the world, is condemned and cannot enter into God's presense. For Yehweh God is Holy. Let us now, form a community of believers that are the elect of God, and shall pursue holiness unto our God, Yehweh. Let us fellowship here in this community, for God will be with us here and we shall experience His love and fellowship as never before. All of the things that we shall give up in the world of the Beast and of The Antichrist , we shall have better things in this place, where the Lord Our God had separated us to be. The enemies of God shall not trod upon this community and prevail, for the presence of The Lord God Almighty is here, not just to protect us but to empower us. That the laws of God shall form the constitutions of this community, that even the world may hear of it and seek to borrow because of its success. he shall eat of the forbidden fruit yeh shall surley die.

Also based on how the church understand the bible, when a man dies he goes into waiting for his classification as to where he shall be placed to spend his eternity. The fact is that when a man dies he goes into immediate judgement about three days after his death, having gone through the process of the gates of hell, which is simply called the gates of hell. Therefore, the church have 3 days to pray this man back to life, for when he is dead he is not really dead yet. Except when a man die an untimley death and have no body that he can return to, then his death is not timely when there is no chance of bargaining with the gates of hell, for there is no body for him to return to.

The soul that is in a man cannot die because it was made available through the breath of God that became it. Therefore, because the soul cannot die because it came from an everlasting God, this soul must live. Therefore, when a man dies he deis simply because his body can no longer sustain, so now he sheds off this body in this world to take on a different body in a different world, becuae the soul have to continue to live..... For in this community shall the believers find life and proseprity, and the sick shall be healed, and no man shall die of an untimely death here. Here we shall invent and design things and manufacture and have great resources, so much that this community shall be rich in wealth. For in this place every person shall be blessed with far more than they could ever ask. For The Lord Our God had spoken this.

* We need your financial assistance so we can help you and your family in the future. Witness increase as you have never seen before.

* For by our testimony we shall overcome the enemy. Revelation 12:11

The B5 Community Of The Elect Testimony

Repeat Verbally ↓ ↓
"I am of the Elect of The Lord God, Yehweh. My worship is to the True and Living God - Yehweh, who shall give me life and shall grant me eternal life, and the Spirit of life. Any where my worship shall occur, My Obedience is unto the will of God only, by obeying the things instructed to me by His Holy Spirit.

I shall not be in obedience to the system of the Beast and the Antichrist, nor shall I be in agreement with the system of the Beast or the Antichrist, neither shall I be in agreement or condonement with any thing that belong to any thing that is of the Beast or the system of the Antichrist. I shall allow my eyes to be in agreement and obedience to the Holy Spirit and to remove my self from the condemnation of the defiled condemned systems of the world.

I shall reject all things pertaining or attached to the Beast and the Antichrist, and although we expect the enemies of Yehweh God - who are from the darkness, to hide themselves in the system - as they are from the darkness and therfore aim to decieve. Let my eyes be open spiritually to see the spirits of condemnation, to shun them. In so doing I have rejected the condemnation of the mark of the beast over my life.

To avoid the Mark of the Beast and avoid being initiated by the condemned system of the Antichrist. I wll - through the below registration - join the other members of the Elect of God, and conduct my businesses in the B5 COMMUNITY. I will support the Elect of God here and the Elect of God shall support me here. I expect to find deeper understanding about the world around me and learn more, and abide with the people of God in The Will of God . So that my soul shall not perish with condemnation, I will seek to associate with the Elect of God in all my doings, and to assemble myself with them in the presence of God and with the Elect of God" and have my fellowship with them.

I vow to walk in the holiness of the Holy God - Yehweh, and cleave to that holy life taught to us by His Holy Spirit, who come to lead us into all truth.

This I vow unto Yehweh God, and in the site and witnesses of His angels and the host of heaven, that when I shall appear before Him, this vow that I shall keep shall present me Holy unto Yehweh God, to recieve the good things He has for me.

Calling The Church

Opportunity is of the Holy Spirits design when a man is in the purpose of the Lord. That which a man calls opportinity are gifts given unto him by the world. Let a man consider the things of God first and seek to honor those things that are of God and are with His salvation.

The B5 Community - Of The Elect Of God's People